Today is that day when we say with big pleasure


to club of creative people!

We - Sveta and Kate are opening not just an online school, but a place where we will share useful information, inspiring articles, and discuss creativity and more. We are so grateful for the support of everyone who has been with us for a long time and will be very happy to see new people in our community!

What is this project about and why it can be interesting for you?

the website with full functionality for the online school, and now all courses are located in the "Education" section

"Blog" with the latest news (you can read below about how our story began ...)

in our shop, you can find creative things which you will not find anywhere more

inspiration section was created to inspirit you



For the first time, in 4 months there was a feeling of lightness! Is it really everything works, and our project is coming! Here everything is as we dreamed - a space of creative people with a minimum of information and modern design. Here you will find all the most interesting and relevant ideas for your crafting day.


December 2017.

At that time, my apartment is being renovated. There is no way and place to work. Creative ideas were born one by one by in my head, but the main question that bothered me was "what to do with the online school". In January, the lease of the site on which all my courses were completed ends. I wasn't sure, I want to stay there because I did not like many moments . And the fear did not leave me that I could not create my own site.


New Year - there is no kitchen, A holiday dinner on the bed and there is only one wish - to get out of “this”.


The daughter went to study in Austria. I was left alone with my beloved dog. Some talks with her do not let me feel the inner emptiness. And the question "what is the next step" sounded often and often inside my head.

I spontaneously decided to call my friend Katya. "Would you like to work together?" After a two-hour phone conversation, we make an appointment. Somewhere in my depths of mind there was confidence, everything should fine...


Our short meeting for half an hour takes all day. Of course, I love talking, but there was someone else who could talk over to me.)

Many discussions, sketches, ideas. All plans during the conversation seem so simple and easy. So It was decided to open our web site end of March. Quickly transfer all the information from the previous platform, and open on the first of April ...

Exactly a few days later we realized that “all that we know and can" means we don't know absolutely nothing and not all can!


Katya has been living with me for almost 4 months. Thanks to my dog for the early rise, and to our creative souls who did not sleep at night.

At the first meeting, we decided to do everything at maximum! Our goal was to create not just a blog but a creative brand. In the literal sense, sometimes we forgot about a dream, about food, and what day it is today.

We would like to express special thanks to our guys Anfisa and Vasily for their help in setting up the site! We are very lucky with you!

Summer flew by one day! a lot has happened during this time! But one thing can be said - it was definitely not boring))

Here we are....


taking a video

I like talking by myself))


our first delivery

just backstage of our work

our furry friend controls everything

We would like to congratulate our project a happy birthday!

May it become the warmest place for all of us!


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